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Monday, May 16, 2011

OQ #61

Questions contribution: Goutham Sankara Krishnan

1. Complete the list: (exhaustive)

Wallis Mathias, Antao D' Souza, Duncan Albert Sharpe, _____

2. The word X is mentioned in Mahavamsa as "______ Nagu". X language is called "Kodunthamizh" or harsh Tamil and quality Tamil is "Senthamizh" and the former X subsequently changed to Y and hence the word is in use now. X and Y?

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sundaram said...


Respectful Disagreement said...

1. There are actually three more I think. Anil Dalpat and Mohd. Yousuf for sure. I think you can add Danish Kaneria to the list as well. Non-Muslim Test cricketers.

2. Elu?