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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OQ #65

Qns contrib Arjun Murali and myself

1. Connect the three women

Lillian Randolph

Thea Vidale

June Foray

2. The person in the pic is Jimmy Matthews, who played cricket for Australia during the 1911-12 season. He is till now the only person to achieve something in the game. What did he do?

3. She was born in Thrissur in 1934. Her father was a former editor of Mathrubhumi. When she wished to begin writing, her husband supported her decision to augment the family's income. She would often wait until nightfall after her family had gone to sleep and would write until morning."There was only the kitchen table where I would cut vegetables, and after all the plates and things were cleared, I would sit there and start typing". Her first book was Summer in Calcutta in which she wrote chiefly of love and betrayal. She died on May 31st, 2009.
Who this be?

4. Once again, easy one to finish with.
Which company's symbol was named the Wave after a 6 month online contest? The winning entry was by Mukesh Chauhan, a Delhi engineer.


Meenakshi said...



ASHWINI said...

da ans fa da 3rd ques s kamala das???

nobody said...

3. Kamala Das (Madhavikkutty aka Kamala Surayya)