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Monday, November 22, 2010


OQ #28:
1. Kaka. Players on EA's FIFA covers.
Cracked by Bagri, Sticky, Ashok and Arjun Murali

2. it was used as Unobtanium, in Avatar.
went uncracked.

3. Willem de Sitter
Bagri, Sticky and Meena get it right.

4. Sparta's reply: "If."
cracked by almost all of you.

cracked by Ashok, Shtud, and Meena.

6. Mark Zuckerberg, on Facemash.
cracked by bagri, Sticky and Shtud boy.

congrats to Sourabh for representing Coimbatore in the Aqua Regia finals at Chennai today! The CQC wishes you luck. Thanks Mudassir for the info.

1 comment:

Dwarkesh said...

Ahh... i thgt it ws too simple to b unobatnium.. bah!!!