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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OQ #30

Questions contribution: Arjun Murali

1. Connect the guy with a recurring motif occurring in the film.

X has its headquarters at Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka.
The first X was opened in 1996 on Brigade Road in Bangalore.
Today there are more than 1000 Xs in 141 cities.
X has even tied up with WorldSpace and Microsense to enable its Xs with satellite radio and Wi-Fi, respectively.
Now X is expanding into Europe by opening two Xs in Austria.

X is an insurance salesman working for Rock Bottom Insurance.
He often tries to sell other characters insurance.
Y based him on a salesman who came to Y's door and invited himself inside.
X is a gregarious, simple, and overbearing man who enters the story by barging in uninvited.
Z finds X frustrating, although X remains cheerfully oblivious and believes himself a great friend of Z.
X often quotes his Uncle Anatole's stories, to Z's irritation.
X is portrayed as a clueless tourist in the exotic places.
X is generally seen as a more modern character, as opposed to the older archetypes that inhabit Y's earlier works.
X? Y and Z become obvious then.

4. If it is is 9:42 for the iPhone and 9:41 for the iPad, what is it?


omkar215 said...

1) the song la that is used in inception to wake them up...i forget the name... its also the motifs used in the movie. when u slow down the song u realize that it is used as the motif. (taking a guess)

4)when u look at a pic of an ipad or the iphone u always see that the time displayed is 9:42 and 9:41 respectively. the fund being that if there is a meeting for 9:40 we will always reach by 9:42..or atleast the funda is something similar to that. :D

Arul said...

2.CCD-Cafe Coffee day started by SM Krishna's SOn In Law..
3.That must be Jeeves,P.G.W and Wooster.
4.interesting one but wont answer it as i googled the same.

Aditya said...

1. Roger Penrose da. The motif being the Penrose Steps - impossible recurring staircase

2. Cafe Coffee Day.
The one in Vienna is pretty naice :)

3. Okay, shit, this is the guy who comes in Tintin. Don't remember his name
Y- Herge
Z- Captain Haddock?

4. The time that it shows in all ads and boxes, etc.

Devang Ghia said...

3. X-Jolyon Wagg, Y-Herge, Z-Capt Haddock

sundaram said...

2. coffee day