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Sunday, November 28, 2010

OQ #33

1. Sitter: In 1972/73, when X was ten years old, her cousin, Mayadin, became the head of the family. He sent workers to cut down the neem tree (which was effectively the family's nest egg, in the village of Gorkha ka Purwa, UP) and sell the wood, intending to keep the proceeds for himself. Although her father saw no use in protest, X confronted her cousin. She taunted him, publicly called him a thief, and with her older sister staged a sit-in on his land. Even after violence against X—knocking her out with a brick—she wouldn't relent. In an effort to rid himself of the little nuisance, Mayadin arranged to have her married to a man named Putti Lal, who lived several hundred miles away. Putti Lal was in his thirties; X was eleven. She claimed in her autobiography that he was a man of "very bad character". In 1979, Mayadin accused X of stealing from his house. She denied the accusation, but the police arrested her anyway. In those three days in jail, she was beaten and raped repeatedly, then left in a rat-infested cell. She knew that her cousin was behind the injustice against her. The experience broke her body but ignited her hatred for men who routinely denigrated women.
Whose history?

2. Put fundae.

3. The name of the band was described by the band members as meaning "criss cross rhythms that explode with happiness" but it actually comes from the Fante word for highlife. They were one of the first bands from their continent to become hugely popular, leading to claims of their founding World Music. Identify this band.

4. During the recent ATP World Tour Finals in London, the pair of X and Y received the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year award for spreading their message. Identify X and Y, and what was the message?


ram said...

1. Pulan devi
2. Happens when you type 1337 and click i am feeling lucky
4.Message is Aids awarness no idea of X & Y

Arul said...

1.Phoolan Devi.
2.this is in Klingon star trek anniversary ,Google page.
3.Osibisa--was in the metro Plus article ..missed them playing in Cbe though.
4.Aisam qureshi and Rohan Bopanna-

Aravind \m/ said...

1. Kiran Bedi?
2. Google klingon?
3. Osibisa
4. Roger Federer and Tiger Woods; Gilette use pannu maapla ;)

SoBan said...

1. Phoolan Devi. Bandit Queen.

2. The language is some Star Trek Lingo..



SHIVA said...

1. phoolan devi
2. the klingon version of google
3. osibasi????
4. williams sisters... and the message being stop fur or something like that???

sundaram said...

1.phoolan devi
4. bopanna and qureshi... who else...

Aditya said...

1. Phoolan Devi

2. Google Klingon

3. Zeestakan?

4. Rohan Bopanna and Aisam ul Quershi