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Saturday, November 13, 2010

OQ #20: Theme

It's a theme for today, folks.
6 questions, all having a recurring theme.
Theme has a connection with the CQC blog :D

Idea contribution: Shtud Boy

1. The X is an organized crime unit appearing in the DC Comics universe. It was founded by 71 men and women from all over Europe who came together in Spain in 1462, and named themselves X in order to honor their dead allies. The surviving members combined various scientific, arcane and alchemical methods of life extension in order to render themselves immortal. They later discovered that the only way they could stay alive was to own the land they lived on, and to feed off the despair and negative emotions of the human tenants on their lands, they also learned how to become immaterial and possess human bodies. Identify.

2. Might be a little arbit: This is a mid-sized automobile from Audi, made between 1968 and 1994. The origins of the first one have become legendary in Germany. It was the first ever model to have side mounted headlights. It was the company's largest car since the revival of the Audi brand by Volkswagen in 1965. Its name refers to its power output. Identify.

3. Connect the two pictures, and identify the missing person:

4. Connect the following footballers. Exhaustive list as of now.
If there's anybody I missed out on, feel free to say who in the comments :)

Alan Shearer
Andrew Cole
Thierry Henry
Robbie Fowler
Les Ferdinand
Teddy Sheringham
Michael Owen
Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink
Dwight Yorke
Robbie Keane
Ian Wright
Nicholas Anelka
Dion Dublin
Wayne Rooney
Matt Le Tissier
Emile Heskey
Frank Lampard
Ryan Giggs
Paul Scholes

5. This is a Google doodle released on 23rd March, 2010. Two parts to the question. Who does it commemorate? For what reason?

6. Sitter: In the Mahabharatha, who was unable to have any children for a long time, she eventually becoming pregnant, but not delivering for two years, after which she gave birth to a lump of flesh?

On behalf of the CQC, I wish everybody a happy Children's Day :)


Shyam Kumar said...

Theme No idea.

42 said...

de who is sappa matter. what is the commemoration, is the more important question.

sundaram said...

4. players with more than 100 premier league goals... doodle for akira kurosawa's 100th birthday...
6.gandhari with 100sons...
the theme is 100...this is the 100th post in the cqc blog...

Dwarkesh said...

theme m guessin is century
1-el centui
3-chris gayle...(1st century makers in d format)
5-Kurosawa's 100th bday??
6 Gandhari( 100 sons)

sundaram said...

first 100 in tests-charles bannerman
first in odis-dennis amiss
the missing person in chris gayle

Meena said...

5.kurosowa's 100 the b'day
6. gandhari.

theme-this question was the 100th question? so 100???

Meena said...

am also assumin the footballers have hit 100 goals??!! or not..

Aditya said...

Wokay, here goes.

5. Kurosawa, for his 100th Birthday

6. Gandhari (thanks Shyam), who sired the 100 Kauravas

4. 100 Club (100 goals or more)

Seri, theme, 100

3. W.G. Grace and i'm guessing Dennis Compton, no idea.Connect 100 100s in First Class Cricket.

2. Guess. Audi 100
1. X=100?

praveen said...

2. audi 100
4. all these players scored more than 100 goals
5. akira kurosawa 100th birthday
6. gandhari
so i guess its got somethin to do with 100 :P

Anonymous said...

1. crime- the 100 (this later became 1000)
2.audii 100
3. pic 1: 1st test century man ( dono name)
pic2: dennis amiss ist odi century
pic 3:shud be chris gayle(t20 century)

4. dono ( weak in football) but anser shudbe related to 100
5.akiro kurasawa ...100th b day ( i remember dis very well)
6 . gandhari ( got it frm shyam's comment!)

connect =100 !!!!! \m/ dont keep try typing MUDU instead of mudassir ....its a long name!:p:p

Ryan said...

Nice idea, the theme I mean. Got it from three and four.