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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Theme Answers

1. The 100, or El Ciento. Founded by 71 men and women in honour of their 29 dead allies.
2. The Audi 100
Pic 1: Charles Bannerman - first century in Test cricket, Australia vs. England, 1877; the first ever test match
Pic 2: Dennis Amiss - first century in ODI cricket, England vs. Australia, 1972; the second ever ODI
Missing person: Chris Gayle, for the first century in T20 cricket, West Indies vs. South Africa, 2007
4. Only players to have scored 100 goals or more in the EPL.
5. commemoration of Akira Kurosawa's 100th birthday.
6. Gandhari, mother of the 100 Kaurava princes and 1 daughter. (Vyasa cut the lump into 101 pieces)

Themee: obviously, 100.
Connection with the CQC blog: That was the 100th post. :)
This connection was cracked only by Sundaram. Great going :D

Here's to several hundred more posts. Cheers!

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