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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OQ #34: Ashes Special

Few questions contributed by members of VIT's Donkey Balls Quiz Club.

1. Lady Clarke and Ms. Florence Murphy were the most notable members of this group. Which group are we talking about and what is the connection with the Ashes?

2. Melbourne Punch(2 August 1855 - December 1925) was an Australian illustrated magazine formed by Edgar Ray and Frederick Sinnett, modelled closely on the London Punch. How is the Melbourne Punch related to the history of the Ashes?

3. Martin Johnson, in of the greatest quotable quotes of all time said this “ There are only three things that are wrong with this team ________, _________ and _________. Fill in the blanks

4. “ I see that his highness is conscientious objector” This was a rather sarcastic remark made by Douglas Jardine. About whom and what was the reason?

5. The washout at Melbourne in the ashes of 1971 led to an invention in cricket that many believe has led to the degeneration of the game. What?

6.The below mentioned is an exhaustive list. What connects them?
Spofforth F, Australia
Bates W, England
Briggs J, England
Hearne J, England
Trumble H, Australia
Warne S, Australia
Gough D, England

Clue: There was one more edition to this list after the first match in Brisbane in this year.

7. This is a very rare photograph of a huge cricket fan taken during the ashes series. ID the personality.

8. This picture was taken by the famous photographer Steve Lindsell. How do we more famously know the happening?(If possible, ID both players)

9. This usually happens once in 4 years and the years this phenomenon has happened are:

What phenomenon?


Aditya said...

2. The article that English Cricket had died and the ashes were to be taken to Australia were published in the magazine?

3. They can't bat, they can't bowl,they can't field

4. This is the Nawab of Pataudi refusing to field when Douglas Jardine's bodyline tactics were implemented

6. Hat-tricks in the Ashes

8. Ball of the Century. Warne to Gatting. Healy behing the stumps?

SenthilSpeak said...

Great to see a bunch of sports questions!

1. They were part of the ladies group that presented the original Ashes urn to Ivo Bligh, the visiting English captain. He had earlier in the year lost a one-test series to Australia and symbolically a bail was burnt to signify the death of English Cricket and filled in the urn. As an aside, Ivo sailed to Australia to not only reclaim the series but also his love, Ms. Florence Murphy. I think I read this on Ted Corbett’s blog.
2. Great one this! It wrote a poem a stanza of which is pasted on the Urn.
3. They can’t bowl, can’t bat, and can’t field.
4. Nawab of Pataudi, (Ifthikar Ali Khan)
5. Simple one, One day internationals.
6. Workable but made dead easy with the clue… the guys who performed hat tricks in Ashes. (Peter Siddle the clue)
7. I watched this on TV with endless replays at that time. "The ball of the century," Warnie bowling Gatting, ball pitching way outside leg and spinning to knock the off stump. The jack rabbit is Healy.
8. Ashes in Australia (?)

praveen said...

1.somethin to do wit the ashes in the urn
2. ashes trophy creation
6. hat trick in ashes
8. ball of d century: mike gatting and shane warne

SoBan said...

2. It was the magazine in which the 'obituary' of English Cricket was published.
3. Batting, bowling and fielding
5. Duckworth/Lewis Method?
6. They were the only bowlers to be 'man of the series' in the ashes?
8. The 'rare' phenomenon of England winning the ashes :P

sundaram said...

3.batting, bowling and fielding. day cricket.
6. hat tricks in the ashes.
8. warnie's ball of the century... mike gatting and ian healy...

Arul said...

1.Some connection with the Ashes Urn..
2.the obituary was in the Sporting times but think so Punch started the first write on the defeat of Engalnd by aussies.
3.Field,Bowl and bat.
4.have seen this in the serial--about pataudi senior and him not agreeing to the bodyline.
5.One day international.
6.hat tricks in ashes and Peter Siddle joins them
7.Mick jagger.
8.Thats the BALL OF THE CENTURY-Warnie to Mike gatting and bowled around the legs of a vicious leg cutter.
9.england visiting aussie land for the ashes matches.

Arjun said...

2)it carried the ad stating obituary to the death of english cricket which led to the creation of the ashes?
6)Hattricks in ashes
7)Harsha bhogle?
8)Gatting,Warne. Ball of the century.
9)The ashes are taken out and the urn is cleaned?

Dwarkesh said...

1- m guessin they were the ones who burnt d ball, bail.. n put it in d urn( they owned it or somethin... )
2- its simple they published the ashes poem...
3-they cant bat bowl n field(somethin like dat..)
4-Pataudi sr/jr(confused) to take part in bodyline..
5-1st odi match
6-Ashes Hat-trick
7-Mike Jagger ( regular at wimbledon too)
8- ball of century ian healy(w/k) n mike gatting(batsman)

ram said...

1. Ladies who burnt the bails
2. Paper which published the obituary
3.batting, fielding & bowling
4.Bodyline, don bardman
5.duckworth lewis
6.hattrick in ashes
8. ball of century-gatting, healy
9.Boxing day tests in ashes